Lunes, Agosto 19, 2013

Agdamdamili kami

Ilocanos have also very creative hands which they use in Panagdamili or in making pots. Damili is a term for making pots made up of clays (especially the red clays). In other words, these are earthenware products. With the very delicate hands and imaginative minds of ilocanos, they can produce vases, pots, dalikans, bangas, malabis, burnais, and many other crafts. They use the potter's wheel also in performing the panagdamili. Expert agdamdamilis are found in San Nicolas. The process includes five major steps: Panagkali (digging of clay), Panaglali (kneading), Panagbibir and Panagpitpit (molding and shaping), Panaggebba (burning and drying), and Panaglako (selling).

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