Huwebes, Agosto 22, 2013

Intayon Makilubilubi! :)

Aglubilubi is part of the tradition of the Ilocanos where a group of teens or adults converge to do lubilubi. They take with them new friends and introduce to the group. They do lubilubi as a bonding session. Each participant shall bring his or her contribution for thelubilubi such as the ingredients for it. One may bring boiled bananas, condensed milk, grated coconut, margarine and sugar. Of course, it won’t be complete without the alsong and al-o or mortar and pestle to pound the

Lubi-Lubi Products

Lubi-lubi products ranged from various ingredients. There is mongo seeds with glutinous rice and grated coconuts and were pounded together. Cassava or balanghoy, ube, sweet potato, rimas, taro, togue and others can be used as a base ingredient.

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