Huwebes, Agosto 22, 2013

Gastronomic hits of Saniata

From the cactus family, specifically the genus Hylocereus or dragonfruit is football-shaped and has a leathery, leafy skin that is deep red or pink in color. It comes in three varieties, red flesh, white flesh and yellow flesh, all of which are embedded with hundreds of black seeds and have a mild, sweet taste. The best-tasting variety is the one with red flesh, which is succulent when eaten.
Dragon Fruit is indeed a dragon in the fruit kingdom. Because of it's very versatile characteristics, and of course the innovative attitudes of the Ilocanos, they came to discover many mouth-watery products that can give an exquisite savor and aroma. And of course because of the health benefits it can give. 

:) These are the products that made up of Dragon Fruit :)

Dragon Fruit Shake
Dragon Fruit Salad
Dragon Fruit Ice Cream
Dragon Fruit Bread
Dragon Fruit Juice
Dragon Fruit Cake
Dragon Fruit Cupcake

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