Martes, Agosto 20, 2013

PAMULINAWEN, pusok indengam man!

PAMULINAWEN, that's what they call the festival of Laoag City

Pamulinawen had been a beautiful stone, “Dalumpinas” by the name, which had been oval in its form, as the size of a human heart. It had been solid, smooth and unbreakable, compared by a LOVER to a beautiful lady possessing a good and sterling character, that had never been engaged, never been loved, never been kissed and never been disgraced.

Pamulinawen is popularized by the Philippine Constabulary Band, conducted by Col. Loving and asserted by Capt. Pedro B. Navarro in the Panama Exposition held in the US in 1915. The lyrics of the immortal song were written by Isidro Castro and set to music by Julian Dacuycuy Sales. Navarro, Castro and Sales were all Bacarreños.

Truly, not only in material products Ylocanos are good at, they are also creative in terms of Dances and Song. Watch this video and you'll know why it's worth watching for.

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